Participating in a Music Residency in Quito, Ecuador.

I was taken aback when I first received my letter of acceptance from Artefacto Sonoro. I had submitted a few songs along with my application with the hopes of getting an opportunity to learn and teach in South America. The residency has been exactly what I have needed. From learning cultural norms, to learning more Spanish, to making solid musical connections, the experience has provided an opportunity to grow out of my past comfort zone and into a new, more confident level of musicianship and living.

As a stipulation of the residency, I formed a project specific to the time and location here in Quito. I was given complete freedom over the direction of the project, and I have chosen to record a compilation album of musicians living in the area. So far on the album, there are musicians from Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile. There are clear differences in the styles among the musicians, from which arise interesting anthropological implications. There is still much work to be done in the fields of research, recording, mastering, and in the realization of the overarching lessons of this experience. More to come.

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