Surprise Murals

Although I came to Quito for music, I quickly found out that the city is ripe with graffiti and street art. I have always been an active painter, and told the residency that I would like to paint a mural or two, also. To my surprise, the week after I said this, I began painting for a community house in the historic Tola district of the city. The community is called “Casa Somos” and overlooked la Basilica in the historic center city area. It was slightly hard to paint there because it rained every afternoon, but it was eventually finished. While painting, I met a veteran graffiti artist from Quito. Luis Auz. He invited me to Mompiche, Ecuador to collaborate with him and another seasoned artist. It seemed that every time I would seize an opportunity, five more opportunities would become apparent. I guess that’s how life works.

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